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    Beautiful Celebrity Love Born On Set

    For those of us who’ve been fortunate enough to find our significant other, there’s always the story of how we met...

    Jude AbrahamNovember 30, 2018
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    Never Seen Before Amazing Historical Photos!

    In the early stages, photography was a complicated process but as the centuries have passed it has continued to evolve from...

    Nir KeinanNovember 28, 2018
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    Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

    It’s quite difficult to plan a funny moment. I know that it’s not impossible, but it diminished the impact. Therefore, when...

    Michael GoldsteinNovember 26, 2018
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    The Coolest Couple Of The Year Since 1972

    Some couples transcend time.  Lady Di and Prince Charles forever raised the bar on romantic weddings, but maybe it’s Faith Hill...

    Michael GoldsteinNovember 23, 2018
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    The Powerful Women Of Hollywood

    Women in Hollywood have come a long way over the last few decades. Originally, actresses were viewed predominantly as love interests,...

    Michael GoldsteinNovember 23, 2018
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    Celebrities Turning 50 In 2019

    Halfway to a hundred! That’s one way of looking at reaching the big 5-0. Every age brings about its own challenges...

    Jude AbrahamNovember 20, 2018
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    The Best “You Only Had One Job” Photos

    You couldn’t have made it better if you’d have planned it! Sometimes we think we’ve seen it all and then suddenly...

    Jude AbrahamNovember 15, 2018
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    Stunning Celebrity Engagement Rings

    What exactly is in an engagement ring and why the fuss about it? In the entertainment world, there is a saying...

    Michael GoldsteinNovember 15, 2018
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    Nostalgic Photos of Nostalgic Times

    Back to the wild, wild West!!  Check out these historic images of America back in the day where the old world...

    Samuel MordenNovember 12, 2018
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    Our Favorite Stars Turn 50 This Year

    For a few individuals, the possibility of becoming 50 years old is sufficient to make them need to curl up into...

    Samuel MordenNovember 9, 2018
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    Save Money by Renting Close To Cemeteries

    It is such a weird tip, but you can get more affordable housing closer to the cemeteries. The rentals in these...

    Michael GoldsteinNovember 8, 2018
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    The Famous Octuplets And Septuplets Stories

    Living on your own is hard enough, and living with a partner is harder – with kids?! Don’t get me started. But...

    Sarah KasovskiNovember 3, 2018
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    The Most Expensive Jewelry Items in the World

    As far back as we can remember jewelry has been highly regarded as a possession for the rich and wealthy. These...

    Sam MarsdaleNovember 2, 2018
  • Real-Estate
    Celebrities And Their Biggest Real Estates

    They are some of the highest paid celebrities we know today. It is good to know that many of them have...

    Michael GoldsteinNovember 1, 2018
  • Real-Estate
    To What Extent Will Hurricane Florence Impact The US Economy?

    The victims of hurricane Florence have started counting their losses. Guess what? It is not as bad as we thought. There...

    Yoni RazOctober 31, 2018
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    Creepiest Celeb Doppelgangers Ever

    Sometimes you think you know an actor in a movie, only to find out you were wrong.  There’s a good reason...

    Sam MarsdaleOctober 28, 2018
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    A Third Company In The Trillion Dollar Club?

    It was such amazing news when Apple was announced as the first cooperation to be valued at the trillion dollar margin....

    Silver DavidOctober 27, 2018
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    Our Favorite Stars Turn 70 This Year

    0You’d be SOOOOOOO surprised to see who has turned 70 this year!. They don’t look or act 70, but time moves...

    Michael GoldsteinOctober 25, 2018
  • Tech
    Top 10 Best Selling Smartphones in the World

    At this point, we can say that many smartphone makers have an equal chance of capturing the market. The differences have...

    Michael GoldsteinOctober 25, 2018
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    Celebrity Splits Of 2018

    There’s no denying that most celebrity relationships have a similar lifespan to a housefly. That’s not to say, we weren’t just...

    Sam MarsdaleOctober 21, 2018
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    Funniest Parenting Moments Ever

    Everyone knows having children is the greatest blessing…but that doesn’t take away from it being the hardest thing you will ever...

    Sarah KasovskiOctober 19, 2018
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    Celebs And Others With Comical T-Shirt

    Hands up those of you who’ve never worn a funny t-shirt in your life. Alright, alright, we hope to change your...

    Jude AbrahamOctober 13, 2018
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    Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

    Actors spend all year pretending to be other characters so Halloween is the perfect holiday for them. They can really cut...

    Jude AbrahamOctober 5, 2018
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    Female CEO Focuses on Reducing Male Dominance in the Workforce

    Many years ago, the workforce in several industries was dominated by the men. However, the trend has changed in recent times...

    Sarah KasovskiSeptember 23, 2018