A $300 Million Suburban Mall Opens, Now?
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A $300 Million Suburban Mall Opens, Now?

Retail businesses in the United States have been having a rough time coping with the financial pressure. While we have witnessed the closure of some popular brands, this month we were surprised by the opening of one of the largest suburban malls in the San Francisco Bay Area. The mall is owned by Renzo Piano – renowned Italian architect.

The project started over three years ago, there were many challenges, and everyone thought the architect Renzo would abandon his project. However, it has turned out to be a dream he was determined to accomplish. The mall has finally been opened, and it is massive. The $300 million suburban mall can be described as a huge shopping center with over seventy stores.

The complex is much bigger than other malls and shops such as Macy’s, Sears or JC Penney which have closed down a long time ago. According to reports from Business Insider, it is predicted that more retail stores will close their doors due to financial issues and poor management.

The $300 million mall is named City Center Bishop Ranch. We must say it is a project that has some features which can help to sustain its business. The mall will be managed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, and we expect some partnerships.

The involvement of external managers can help the new mall owner avoid some of the mistakes that caused the downfall of some of the brands we mentioned above. In addition to the seventy stores in this massive mall, shoppers will have a number of restaurants to choose from and a luxury cinema for relaxation.

The mall also features a massive space in the outdoor area that serves as a spot for artistic performances and exhibitions.

The designer of the City Center Bishop Ranch sought to create the perfect place for premium dining, retail, and diverse entertainment. There are wellness centers which offer residents and visitors luxury treatment at its best. Many people are curious about this new mall.

The launch date has been perfectly timed to meet the holiday season when many people looking for a new place to explore can go searching through the shops to find the latest fashion or other items they can buy. Experiencing the elevated cinema is another highlight many visitors have been talking about, it features a bar and restaurant so you can watch movies while dining.

We also expect the top fashion brands and tech companies to give this mall a try by opening customer service and sales stores at the new City Center.

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