Where Do America’s Richest Live?
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Where Do America’s Richest Live?

When we hear of famous people, one of the first places the mind tends to drift to is location. Wondering where they are spending the day. While the majority of us are stuck somewhere we don’t want to be at least once a day, it’s easy to image celebrities jet-setting around the place and enjoying the high life. Just like us, though, they own homes and live there. Likely to be more opulent and magisterial, of course, but homes all the same.

Whether you’re based in a village, town, city or anywhere else, though, you’ll most likely that there’s someone of supreme wealth not too far away. Where, though, are the richest Americans based? Without giving out the address so you can go ring the bell, let’s take a look.

Where are some of these multi-billionaires that we always read about and feel green with envy over living it up?

Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook guru and the youngest of the richest entrepreneurs out there lives out in Palo Alto, California. He’s obviously invested a lot of his income into a lot of different programs over the year, from his investment in schools and healthcare to various other moves. That, though, has helped him to find the perfect place to relax after all those busy days in Palo Alto, alongside another stunner in San Francisco.

He owns a few of the Craftsman-style homes that he bought in Palo Alto. In fact, he bought the four of them which surround his house to better improve his own privacy. I can barely keep my neighbour from spilling over into my garden, yet this guy buys up the next four homes to stay private…pretty impressive, right?

Jeff Bezos

The e-commerce giant is probably one of the most important people in his industry and lives in a place that suits his position. With a seemingly growing portfolio of real estate as it is, he’s been a regular high riser in The Land Report in the past. At the moment, he’s got a nice collection of portfolio on the go, including a whopping 165k-acre ranch out over on West Texas. Alongside that, he’s got a 12,000-squaer-foot complex over on Beverly Hills, where he lives alongside many other movers and shakers.

His main home, though, from what we could tell, is his Media, Washington spot. It’s near the Amazon HQ, and is a nice 5.35 acres of size. Not bad, right?

Bill Gates

The man who created the company that gave me the ability to type this up is also based out in Medina, Washington. He’s got a 66,000-square-foot venue, and it’s got a stunning view of Lake Washington. It seemingly cost him the best part of $63m to build it, and it’s (as you might imagine) pretty modern and high-tech.

It’s got all manner of classy add-ons included, and has managed to build up the entire lot to not far off triple the cost he paid to build the house and buy the lot way back in ’88. It’s an incredible location, fitting for someone who’s achieved so much.

Warren Buffett

Alongside Gates for so many years has been of Warren Buffet. The economic tycoon has been on the go for many years, and is a pretty integral part of the whole US economic system. For years, he’s been seen as one of the shrewdest and smartest investors out there, and holds the real estate portfolio to match a man of his seemingly endless ambition.

Chief among the best things about Buffett’ portfolio, though, is the location. The stunning place he bought way back in 1958 for just $31,500 in Omaha, Nebraska, is his home to his day. While it’s been expanded to a wonderful 6,500ft over the years, it’s quite cool that he kept with a home that clearly means a lot.

Michael Bloomberg

Another hugely wealthy individual living the dream life is that of Michael Bloomberg. He’s living it up in Manhattan, New York and naturally owns a fair chunk of property all across the world. However, he does spend a lot of time in New York so naturally would probably call his Manhattan home is actual house.

He’s got places out in Bermuda and London, alongside other parts of the USA including Florida and Colorado. His incredible portfolio has continued to grow for years, though, including many of the properties around his townhouse down on East 79th Street takes up five stories worth of stunning limestone exterior.

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