The Best "You Only Had One Job" Photos
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The Best “You Only Had One Job” Photos

You couldn’t have made it better if you’d have planned it! Sometimes we think we’ve seen it all and then suddenly out of the blue there’s a misspelled sign, innocuous product placement, or downright wrong advertisement which takes the cake. Luckily for us, some of these best moments have been caught on camera.

We don’t like to judge people because we know many people have their off days. We’re only human after all. Perhaps this is why some of these pictures are so hilarious. Despite our best efforts to get things right or teach others to do so, sometimes things get lost in translation, resulting in humorous situations.

These instances may not get those responsible an employee of the month award, but they’ve certainly earned their spot on our honor board of “you only had one job” fails. If you can’t be the best employee, be the most entertaining. Life’s too short after all!

Keep reading to see how companies big and small messed up:


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