Celebrities And Their Biggest Real Estates
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Celebrities And Their Biggest Real Estates

They are some of the highest paid celebrities we know today. It is good to know that many of them have invested their remarkable earnings from the entertainment industry into the real estate market. Among the top list are A-list actors, actresses, musicians, reality stars and many others.

We have done a survey to find some of the celebrities whose real estate businesses have remarkably grown over the years.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Another top celebrity who has invested a huge part of his earnings in the real estate industry is Leonardo DiCaprio. He is reported to own houses and condos in many states. Leonardo started his real estate investments as early as the 1990s. Since that time he has been linked to many properties such as the house, he bought from Madonna in 1994 for $2 million. Leonardo is also known to own a beach bungalow in California which he rents out to people on vacation.

Other properties linked to our favorite star include an island off the coast of Belize which he plans to turn into a resort and a beautiful house in Palm Springs. Leonardo is known for his focus on the real estate market studying areas where the value of real estate has potential.

Ashton Kutcher

After buying his first home, Ashton found out the immense possibilities of making so much money from real estate. And since that time he has not looked back. Currently, Ashton Kutcher has many homes in Southern California which include the beach house in Carpentaria valued at $10 million.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift currently has a real estate empire valued at about $84 million. She has properties spread out across four states such as New York, Tennessee, and California. Taylor Swift is not new to the real estate business; she bought her first home at the age of twenty.  This business has obviously been very profitable because it seems Taylor Swift is serious about growing a massive real estate empire. She is surely one of the people who has inspired other stars to invest in real estate.

Ellen DeGeneres

When she is not making us laugh and have a great time watching her shows Ellen can be found looking for the next real estate property to buy. She is known for prospecting, a skill that has made her so much money in the real estate scene. Ellen is the former owner of the famous tree house which is a favorite hand out a place for popular actors in need for luxury and a nice place to relax. Ellen sold the property to Will Ferrell in 2006 for $9 million. She has also sold about a dozen homes to wealthy Americans and other celebrities.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has concentrated his focus on real estate investments in New York. He is the proud owner of many apartments in Devonshire house and Manhattan. Alec’s properties include three four-bedroom penthouse suites which he seems prefer as an investment choice.

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