China Restarting The Space Race
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China Restarting The Space Race

Is there a new space race on the horizon?
China has started out 2019 with a moon landing. And not just any moon landing, but a Pink Floyd Dark-Side-of-the-moon landing. China became the first country to ever successfully land on the far side of the moon. Which is not really dark, but simply called that because it never faces Earth.

Chinese Moon rover making tracks on the Moon

If you’re a true geek, it’s really an exciting time to live in – this landing, and a Mars exploration planned in the near future, a man-made object reached the furthest space object yet… wow.
It might seem “easy” landing on the Moon. ‘Been there-done that’, right? But landing on the far side has been tried before and nothing worked as almost no communications reach that side. But then China happened.

We were all surprised by how much light there is on the “dark side” (not the Starwars one). That’s because we all know that side as the “dark side” when it actually receives the same amount of light as the side facing us. We can now see that for ourselves, thanks to the Chinese probe called Chang’e 4.

Newest Moon picture from the Chinese Moon rover

As China steps up, NASA steps down, or keeps on walking up but at a much slower pace due to restraints on the budget. The Chinese NASA, called CNSA, is planning a mission to Mars which is supposed to lift off by 2020. They also want a very own Space station in the skies by the year 2022.
So, we can see a, still quiet, space race vibe going on around the planet, and currently, the Chinese are heading the race.

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