Our Favorite Stars Turn 50 This Year
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Our Favorite Stars Turn 50 This Year

For a few individuals, the possibility of becoming 50 years old is sufficient to make them need to curl up into a ball and weep (hell, some are even scared of becoming 30 years old). Be that as it may, as the celebs listed below demonstrate, age is just a number, and you can be moving toward your clever 50s and still be completely awesome.

There were/are a group of important celeb birthday parties to sing of this year. A few popular names hit the 50-year-old mark, and in addition, some names that you may recall in the ’80s and ’90s. Would you be able to believe that Breakfast Clubbers Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald are 50-years of age this year? That movie was made when both of them were just 16 years old.

Some other celebrities that you may be astonished to know that they have now become 50 years old are Naomi Watts, Owen Wilson, and Ashley Judd. Well-known individuals are forever good-looking; it’s quite difficult to figure out their real ages. A few of them still appear very youthful, it makes us need to slice them down the middle and tally the rings to know the genuine truth! Go along with us as we take a look at the celebs that turned the 50 this year.

Debra Messing

The beautiful icon celebrated her 50th birthday on August 15. “I was filming ‘Will & Grace’ on my birthday, and it was great to be working! … Then my son came into town to help me celebrate,” she disclosed to Closer Weekly. “Turning 50 feels kind of wonderful — I feel like I’m very at peace at where I am in my life and I’m very in touch with what I’m grateful for. I know who I am, and I feel really secure about saying no. I think it’s a really good place to be!”

Debra Messing is most likely famous for portrayal of Grace Adler in the fiercely famous TV series “Will & Grace”. Actually, she has been nominated six times for the Golden Globe Award and also nominated five times for the Emmy Awards for her role on the show. The show was brought back in 2017 after it had been off the screens for 11 years. Her last feature was in the 2018 movies “Searching” where she played the role of detective Rosemary Vick.

Although she might have started doing some cosmetic surgeries, she also recognizes the significance of natural beauty routines like, drinking lots of water and removing her makeup before sleeping, so as to keep her youthful appearance.

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