Kids Who Stole The Spotlight From Their Famous Parents
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Kids Who Stole The Spotlight From Their Famous Parents

“The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” ­— A saying as old as time itself.  Check out the most famous families in Hollywood for more than one generation.

Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson

Many people would either suspect it or not, but Kate and Goldie are more than just mother and daughter. They’re super close in their relationship as well. Kate was raised by her mother following a divorce, and also was the only girl out of her siblings.

Goldie is more known for her past roles in hit films such as Cactus Flower as well as Private Benjamin. Kate is more famous for her roles in recent movies such as Almost Famous, You Me and Dupree, as well as our favorite How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Talk about woman power and the need to stick together in a broken home and a dual career!

Tracee Ellis & Diana Ross

Like mother, like diva. Like diva, like daughter. Both are talented and equally bonafide divas. Diana Ross will always be our ”supreme” hero, having sung songs that are infinite in the music industry, and Tracee Ellis is just absolutely hilarious!

Tracy starred in Blackish which is a satire on middle-upper class Americans and their lives. Everyone should look up to these two entertainers as role models, for without them, we would not have as much influence on music and comedy.

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