Never Seen Before Amazing Historical Photos!
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Never Seen Before Amazing Historical Photos!

In the early stages, photography was a complicated process but as the centuries have passed it has continued to evolve from something where you had to sit very still for a long time to digital cameras and phone apps like Instagram.  All around the world we are constantly snapping pictures.  Did you know that the total of all the pictures taken in the 19th Century are now, literally, snapped within 2 minutes every single day?!

Read on to take a look at some of the most meaningful photos from the past.  Some of these historical images are meaningful, some changed lives and some are just fun to look at.  So we are starting at the beginning….

1969 –  Doar Yebba (‘Abbey Road’ backwards)


This iconic photography is one of a series that were taken for the cover of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album.  You can see that in this one they are walking in the opposite direction and the eagle-eyed among you will see that Paul is wearing sandals instead of shoes.

As we all know the image of them walking the other way was considered the best and was the one we now see on the cover of their classic album.

1953 – Atomic Bomb Tests

Also in the 1950s the USA, having dropped 2 nuclear bombs at the end of World War II continued testing weapons in the Nevada desert.

The photo shows Mrs. Jacqueline Buck and her son, residents of nearby Las Vegas, Nevada, watching a mushroom cloud from their living room window.  The tests were happening a mere 75 miles away from their home.

Keep reading, there is more history this way:


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