This Is How To Pay Off Your Student Loans
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This Is How To Pay Off Your Student Loans

Did you know that more than 44 million Americans collectively owe $1.5 trillion of student loan debt? If you’re one of those 44 million, I’m sure you know all about it. And if you’re one of those 44 million, you’ll also be thrilled to hear what Natty Light is up to!

Anheuser-Busch, the owner of the light beer company, has always been committed to helping students get rid of their student loans. Over the next ten years, Natty Light – or Natural Light – is planning on doing much more, and you could be one of the lucky college students or graduates to benefit from the $10 million Natty Light is giving towards student loans.

$1 Million Of Cash Prizes

Things aren’t looking good for many of those steeped in debt. With student loan debt being second only to mortgage debt as the highest consumer debt category, studies have shown that 40% of student loan borrowers may default on their student loans by the year 2023.

Seventy lucky winners will be the recipients of the $1 million dollars that Natural Light is giving towards student loans this year.

Twelve grand prize winners will each be gifted $40,000 each while the other 58 will receive $10,000 each. Natty Light is giving $1.06 million total away in 2019.

How to Enter

So, I’m sure you’re wondering now how you can cash in on this crazy give-away. It’s pretty simple, so here’s what you do:

  1. Post a video by May 18, 2019 about why you are going or already went to college on social media.
  2. In the video, include the green dollar-sign tab you can find on limited-edition cans.
  3. Use the hashtags #NattyStories and #Contest.

You must have enrolled in an accredited college or university in the last 10 years and be at least 21 years old to be eligible to enter the contest.

Natural Light will debut this contest during this year’s Super Bowl on February 3 with a commercial focusing on the overall issue in America of college debt. The sixty-second commercial will air in Jackson, Mississippi, Little Rock, Arkansas, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Richmond, Virginia – five markets that have been most impacted by the issue.

Additionally, Natural Light is going to give away $53,000 to 151 people with student debt in honor of the 53rd Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. The average cost of a monthly payment is usually around $350, so with $351 in their pockets, 151 people will have enough to cover one month’s payment. You have from January 22, 2019 to February 3, 2019 to enter the contest.

Natural Light already gave away $1 million to 25 debtors over the past year.

Some tips when it comes to student loans:

  1. Student Loan Calculator:Use a student loan calculator to get a strategy for repaying your loans.
  2. Student Loan Repayment:If you’re having a hard time keeping up with your payments, look into income-driven repayment plans for your federal student loans.
  3. Student Loan Forgiveness:If you work in a qualifying public role, consider public service loan forgiveness.
  4. Student Loan Refinancing:Consider student loan refinance to lower your interest rate for your federal student loans, private student loans, or both.

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