Think London's Expensive? Check These Cities Out
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Think London’s Expensive? Check These Cities Out

For anyone looking to move around the world and try living life at the highest level possible, we often see places like Los Angeles, New York, Paris and London as the places to be. However, are you aware that many of these cities aren’t actually in the most expensive places in the world to live? That’s right. The cost of living in each city was recently ranked to compare alongside New York City itself. NYC receives a base score of 100, and every point after that 100 means an increase in living costs in comparison.

Where, then, are some of the most expensive places in the world to live in?

Seoul, South Korea

Living in Seoul would cost you around 6% more on average than your average New York city living cost. That is quite a lot, and shows us exactly where the city of Seoul has grown to. Staying in this modern and upwardly mobile city is a great amount of fun, and offers the perfect living experience – however, you should be prepared to pay more than your fair share if you wish to live in the South Korean city.

Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian city of Oslo is a double-edged sword. The quality of life here is amazing, without doubt, but it can be a somewhat confusing place to live for various reasons. One of the reasons is that at around 7% more on average than you average New Yorker, you will be paying a lot of money to live here.

Low crime rates and high quality of life, though, makes it relatively easy for you to feel good about living in Oslo.

Tel Aviv, Israel

The major Israeli city of Tel Aviv hit a score of 103 when they were being marked up, showing you the immense change in living quality here. Tel Aviv is a city that has changed and transformed over many a year, and its immense growth has shown the city to be a place which is now very expensive to live within – though the grandeur and quality of life are very much worth it.

Paris, France

At around 12% more than your average New Yorker, you will also find that Paris is one of the most expensive places in the world to live. While grandeur awaits you at every turn in this amazing city, the sheer cost of being here can be somewhat off-putting. If you would like to get around such issues, then you should probably look to stay in one of the lesser parts of Paris: otherwise, life in the French capital becomes pretty expensive!


The most expensive place to live in comparison to NYC, though, is wonderful Singapore. At around 16% more expensive on average, though, you had better be prepared to have a lot of money on you to survive living here.

The cost of living in this part of the world, though, is backed up with an immense standard of culture, hospitality and overall quality of life and opportunity.

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