Where To Travel On A Budget This Winter
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Where To Travel On A Budget This Winter

Winter is here, and so is the chance to catch some great travel deals – With the off-season comes greater hotel availability and cheaper flights.

During the winter, most places tend to be in their “shoulder season” – a time when a particular destination isn’t as popular as it usually is. During this time (usually after the holidays), you could get a much better deal than you would in the summer.

Also, during the off-season, flights are cheaper and the hotels are more available. Hotels would be slightly more willing to offer you deals that they probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

A simple trick for planning a trip in the winter on a budget is to use an app like Skyscanner or Hopper to monitor the prices of flights. Most of the time when planning a trip on a budget, the largest expenditure is usually the flight. This means that if you can save on your flight, you will likely save everywhere else.

We should add that once your destination rates reach an affordable level, the apps will notify you and you can go right to booking. Let us suggest 3 affordable destinations for you to add to your winter travel wishlist for the year:

The Bahamas

Winter is the perfect time to soak up some sun at the Bahamas because winter is low season there. You would pay less than you would have to during the peak season. This makes it a good deal if you are looking to enjoy the warmth, the white sandy beaches and the perfectly turquoise oceans.

Flights start at around $250 round-trip from the east coast, and all-inclusive resorts and hotels could be as low as $100-$200 each night. Food, drinks and activities are also offered at all-inclusive resorts. This makes them the perfect option for travelers on a budget.

Taos, New Mexico

We recommend Taos, New Mexico for skiers and winter enthusiasts. Taos is less popular than cities like Vail or Aspen, and this puts it slightly under the radar, making it a much more affordable location for ski vacations. There are also art museums,  day spas and many different cultural activities.

Flights are about $225 from the west or east coast, and condos and hotels are slightly pricier at ski resorts but there are many options for you to find rates that fit your budget.

Quebec City

Quebec City for travelers that want a city escape without the prices of a vacation to Europe. It is a 400-year-old city and the Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Battis says that this area has beautiful architecture, theaters, great restaurants, and many historic sites.

It is easy to get there from the east coast, and the average cost of a roundtrip flight is $200. Since it is a city, hotels are sometimes pricey, but Batis says it is still possible to have a luxury experience with a great deal of $100 per night.

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